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Red Sector Inc. (1985-2016)

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History :

short version
Red Sector Inc. was found in 1985 before Internet by Baudsurfer, Bill Best, Greg, Kangol Kid and the Skeleton. It was a hacker group at the beginning (bbs, philez, crack, hack, phreak) and it was based in North America. In 1989 and after some Canadian busts, some members of RSI left to form TRSI with Tristar in Europe focusing more on legal demoscene. In 1993 the German demosection of TRSI illegitimately claimed to dissolve unilaterally RSI group without express consent of any of the five original group founders. In 2003 Tristar put a stop to TRSI illegal merger. In 2008 RSI put a stop to illegal TRSI merger. This year Red Sector Inc. proudly celebrates its 30th Anniversary.

long version
Red Sector Inc. (RSI) was founded by Baudsurfer, Bill Best, Greg, Kangol Kid and The Skeleton in 1985. It started out as a Canadian bbs, crack, hack and phreak group before the Internet and World Wide Web. Do not take for granted everything you can read about RSI elsewhere on the net as it is error-prone :
Red Sector was build by four Canadians called Billy Best, Greg, Kangol Kid, Skeleton and a Frenchman called Baudsurfer in spring 1985. In the summer of 1985 The Skeleton and Baudsurfer were asked to set up RSI's WHQ Pirate's Ship BBS. "RSI ran the first Canadian bulletin board EVER!" [4]. In 1986, a year later, Irata (a swapper) and Mr Zeropage were asked to join RSI and set up the European section. Later in 1992 Iratas would revive RSI/TRSI [5] without permission from all co-founders. Was a part of The Light Circle. RSI became famous with their legendary demo 'Red Sector Mega Demo' that is still considered a classic to this day. The group's initial foray onto the PC scene involved a productive cooperation with the US PC group, Public Enemy. Red Sector built a co-op with Tristar (Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated) around 1990 on the PC and Amiga. At that time RSI was dead on the C64. RSI was reborn in 1992. In the year 1993 Red Sector was the best 1st release group on the C64. They ruled that year like no-one else. In the year 1995 Three main organizers now, Control, Warhead and Uyanik! German graphician Navy (ex BASF, 12/93) were kicked early in the year, for unknown reasons [6]. In the year 2008 BaudSurfer(TRSi-TDT) reclaimed part of membership in RSI dating back to its BBS creation era in Canada as co-sysop and swapper of Pirate's Ship BBS RSI-RSI WHQ 514-325-6325/517-663-0571 19200-2400/9600 (Montreal-Canada) [] who then moved (TRSi WHQ) along with The Skeleton (TRSi-TDT) []. 1985 . Red Sector Inc founded on the Commodore 64 in Canada. 1985 . First WHQ Pirate's Ship BBS is founded in Canada. 1986 . Red Sector releases on the Amiga 1990 . Public Enemy founded 1990 . Public Enemy team up with Red Sector Inc who are now also on the PC 1990 . On the Amiga Red Sector teams up with Tristar to form TRSI, on the PC they remain separate 1990 . PE and Red Sector team up with Tristar and The Dream Team : Public Enemy/Tristar Red Sector Inc/Defjam/The Dream Team 1991 . PE leaves the coalition leaving TRSI/TDT on their own 1991 . TRSI and The Dream Team part ways 1994 . Early in the year the group peaks 1994 . TRSI dies after it's UK members leave to join Legend 1995 . TRSI on the PC reemerges and then dies again 2003 . TRS Tristar leaves the TRSI coalition 2008 . RSI leaves the TRSI coalition

Baudsurfer leads Red Sector Inc. since 2008 as historic original co-founder.